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With the revolution of the internet, digital content has become an essential part of our modern life. Talented artists now find themselves connected with fans all over the world. While digital content and artwork can be transmitted easily from one to another, copyright has become a prominent issue globally.

Though various forms of laws and regulations across countries have been trying to address the issue, Use link here costs and administration work required are hurdles that prevent creators from seeking copyright protection. Non-Fungible-Token (NFT), a blockchain technology, has brought a revolution to the digital content landscape.

Artists can now issue unique “digital signatures”on their work in the form of NFT to ensure the authenticity of the creation. At the same time, true collectors are recognized and protected as owners of the digital work (NFT) they have purchased. Acryptos NFT is a multi-chain platform digital content NFT application where users can create, sell, and buy digital content NFT easily. Moreover, users can earn the platform’s governance token, Acryptos NFT, as they participate in platform activities, including airdrops during sign-in, buy/sell activities, and farming NFT contributions.

Acryptos NFT token owners are eligible to farm limited NFT editions provided by select artists, propose/vote for new functionalities or developments on the platform to get rewards. Phase 1 of the platform allows NFT creation in Binance chains. In phase 2, we will add NFT creation on the Ethereum and TomoChain public blockchain and gradually extend it to other blockchain networks.

Users can create NFTs and then sell their own NFTs on our platform. Collectors can buy and trade NFTs in the secondary market. Moreover, selected NFTs on the platform are provided to users for farming them using acryptos NFT tokens. Farmed NFTs are then traded in the market. The platform is also connected with external markets, such as OpenSea, to allow users to trade their NFTs in other markets.In our future vision, the aim is to bring a variety of digital content markets to the platform with famous entertainers and media businesses using the platform to distribute limited digital edition items to their fans.