About Acryptos NFT

The ACRYPTOS NFT (3PLNFT) is a BEP20-compliant cryptographic token that can be traded on the BINANCE blockchain just like BNB. It is both a ACRYPTOS NFT platform currency and an independent store of value for players and investors alike.

Acryptosnft isa a new project that will revolutionize how collectors buy and collect NFTs,and are here to bring the next generation of exclusive digital art collectibles to you.Also is a marketplace to collect and trade unique, single-edition digital artworks.

Each artwork is authentically created by an artist in the network, and tokenized as a crypto-collectible digital item that you can own and trade,now you don't have to worry about gas fees when you purchase or sell your acryptosnft.transaction will be fast and there are no gas coast

Also, our platform will be a freelancing gateway between project owners and social media marketers, YouTube influencers and other projects promotional bodies all they have to do is to register on our platform as a promoter with their full promotional detail such as their social media handle et all. And the project owner will have to use our token to hire them.

Acryptos – NFT Marketplace

AcryptosNFT is a multi-chain platform digital content NFT application where users can create, sell, and buy digital content NFTs easily. A creator just needs to upload his/her digital content such as pictures, artwork, select a blockchain network, and other settings of the NFT to create limited NFT versions of the content.

Creators may provide their profiles and supplementary documents to the platform administrators to receive “verified profiles”, which can differentiate them from other normal creators. Moreover, users can report NFTs that are suspected of copyright violations. The combined screening system of both the platform side and user side will ensure that NFTs created from original digital contents are evaluated in the market.

Moreover, creators will have their digital identities (associated with their wallets) in a similar way as in other social networks. Their followers will know exactly which digital content editions are provided originally by the creators. True collectors will value these original content editions more than other copies floating on the internet.

Most NFT creation engines available in the current market are based on Ethereum. However, current Ethereum network congestion issues have become a bottleneck for NFT creation and transfer. AcryptosNFT platform targets to be a multi-chain NFT platform, where creators and users can optimize the blockchains they want to use, and seamlessly transfer them across different network. With a special support to under age artists.


The AcryptosNFT is a standard BEP20 token that has the following attributes:

• Symbol: 3PLNFT


• Decimals: 18

• Total supply: 500,000,000

Users earn a small amount of AcryptosNFT each time they trade NFTs. These rewarded AcryptosNFT are paid weekly. The system will try to detect malicious users who buy their own NFTs for rewards and blacklist them from receiving rewards.


AcryptosNFT is the platform’s profit sharing and governance token. The total supply is fixed at 500 million coins. Token Name: AcryptosNFT

• Token Symbol: 3PLNFT

• Token Supply: 500,000,000

• 40 % (200 million) for sale (swap)

• 15% (75 million) for team

• 25% (125 million) for Treasury reserve

• 4% (20 million) Airdrop/bounty to community/users

• 6% (30 million) rewards to farming NFT creators

• 10% (50 million) rewards to platform participants over 3 years



The vision of AcryptosNFT platform is to become a multi-chain digital content NFT platform.

We will focus on Binance chains first, but gradually expand to other smart contract enabled blockchains in later phases. Each blockchain’s marketplace and NFTs are separate and independent. Users will be able to switch between blockchains easily on the AcryptosNFT Application user interface.

It is not possible to move an NFT from one blockchain to another. However, the NFT creators own the right of submitting their content to multiple blockchains at the same time. Initially the AcryptosNFT is an BEP20 token on Binance. When the AcryptosNFT platform expands to another platform, 2-way bridges between Binance and the target blockchain will be built to move AcryptosNFT back and forth.


For social media promoters and YouTube influencers Staking to earn Pumpkin points which can be used for redeeming NFTs staking for Governance of the AcryptosNFT platform Future versions of the AcryptosNFT platform may introduce more utility to the AcryptosNFT. Multiple blockchain support

a. Stake AcryptosNFT to farm selected NFT editions.

b. Propose, vote for platform new development features (platform governance)

From phase 2, the governance feature will be provided. Token holders propose/vote for new functionalities or developments on the platform to get rewards. Starting from year 3, a portion (5%) of platform transaction fees will be used for the governance purpose.


NFT fractionalization, fungible tokenization and NFT pool-making, utilizing DeFi lending and farming facilities

Multi-Chain Operability

Easy minting and managing NFTs on multiple chains, buying/selling & swapping items across many blockchains

Crypto & Fiat Payment

Cross-chain payment with multiple types of crypto-currency, on ramp and off ramp solutions for many fiat-currencies


Gaming and collectible space have made them hugely popular with crypto users and companies alike. A whopping money from it. In some cases, players have even created virtual structures in games like casinos, parks and have monetized them with the help of NFTs. These in-game items also include costumes, avatars and in-game currency that can be sold on a secondary market with the help of NFTs.

ACRYPTOS Games will provide its users with a social crypto trading platform that integrates elements of gamification. We want traders to enjoy the trading and bring them something new, and more exciting.

ACRYPTOS will help its users to be connected, get verified results and, as a bonus, earn money together with their friends. Nothing in life should be boring, and crypto trading shouldn’t be an exception. This is why we gamified daily trading with races.

Conventional daily trading is the past. Daily trading will take place in different types of races. Just pick your car, fuel it up with your best performance coins that will be used as gas, and become the winner of the race. Every day you reach new levels, receive ratings and attract new fans who can help you earn more.

Eventually they can copy your daily trading patterns in races and profit on your wins. Users can make a team and play together.

There will be daily updates of racers ratings, verified results thanks to our mechanism, signals for teams and transparent payment systems thanks to smart contracts, all of which will improve your experience on the Acryptos platform.


YouTube influencers Staking to earn Pumpkin points which can be used for redeeming NFTs staking for Governance of the AcryptosNFT platform.


Auctions of high-value content precious content by renowned creators is often in high demand. An auction can help make it fair between competitive buyers and bring optimal benefits to the artists. In later phases, when high-profile artists join the system, the AcryptosNFT platform may introduce a decentralized auction conducted by a smart contract.


The vision of the AcryptosNFT platform is to reach mass adoption by approaching non-crypto users. Therefore, in the future, we plan to implement some opt-in UX enhancements for normal users. Crypto users can skip these enhancements if they wish to.

• A wallet-free experience by utilizing key-free and password-less technology likeIcetea ID

• Buying NFTs using credit card or PayPal: the system will connect to 3rd-partyservices to support payment for non-crypto users.


Set up your wallet

Once you’ve set up your wallet of choice, connect it to NFT marketplace by clicking this link.
Connect my wallet.


Create your collection

Click Create and set up your collection. Add social links, a description, profile & banner images, and set a secondary sales fee.


Add your NFTs

Upload your work, add a title and description, and customize your NFTs with properties, stats, and unlockable content.

Why choose us?

A. Stake AcryptosNFT to farm selected NFT editions.
B. Propose, vote for platform new development features (platform governance) From phase 2, the governance feature will be provided. AcryptosNFT liquidity AcryptosNFT will be listed gradually to p2pb2b exchange, pankcakeswap, gate.io, kucoin and other exchanges.

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